Go on a Cow scavenager hunt

The CowParade in San Luis Obispo County is coming to an end. Sadly. Going on a Cow Trail has been on my family’s list for a while, but hasn’t yet come to fruition. However, there is still time!

The cows will be auctioned off at an event at Ancient Peaks on Saturday, May 6. Then the cows will be “put out to pasture.” The cows will remain on display around the country until about April 30 (some cows will be rounded up in mid-April).

Several cows at the California Mid-State Fair in 2016.

Up until the time the cows are gathered for the auction, you and your family (as well as my own family) will have the opportunity to hit a cow trail and see how many cows you can find.

Cow Trails can be found on CowParadeSLO.com. You can find links to several different trails, as well as a downloadable PDF map of the trails, and you can even vote for you favorite cow.

ABOUT CowParade (from www.cowparadeslo.com)

CowParade™ is an international moo-ving public art exhibit that has been featured in major world cities including Paris, Hong Kong, Athens, Moscow, Milan, London, New York, Cannes, Rio, Rome and beyond. CowParade has been staged in over 75 cities and towns, bringing smiles to more than 250 million people worldwide. Each CowParade shares a few common elements – community involvement, sponsors, artists, charities, beautiful cows, increased tourism and notoriety.

More than 5,000 cows – no two alike – have gone on display since CowParade’s inception in 1999, benefiting scores of local non-profits by raising more than $30 million for charity.

CowParade SLO County will showcase 101 (for Highway 101) of these life-size, 120-pound, fiberglass works of art. Taking place September 2016 – May 2017, the event will give local artists a chance to showcase their talents on a global stage. The region’s agricultural history, growing arts scene and its ecotourism draw make CowParade the perfect conduit for a countywide event that will involve, unite and benefit the whole community.

A variety of events are scheduled throughout the year to exhibit these works of art until they are auctioned off for charity early in spring 2017, with net proceeds benefiting three title charities, including the California Mid-State Fair Heritage Foundation, The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County, and ARTS Obispo, as well as other county non-profit organizations.

Get out and see you some cows before they’re gone! We’ll be heading out in the next few weeks and will be posting photos! If you go, post photos on our social media pages or tag us in your photos. We love seeing the places our Kiddos A Go-Go family goes.