How to Submit an Event to Kiddos A Go-Go calendar

There are SO MANY events taking place around San Luis Obispo County, so I need your help to get as many child- and family-friendly events on this calendar as possible. This post will walk you through the process of submitting an event.

First, go to and then click on Events Calendar.

On the Events Calendar page, scroll down until you see the view you see above. Then click on the green button that says Submit Event.

Above is what part of the form looks like. Here, I’ll walk you through each part of the form:

  • Your Name: This is where the name of the person filling out the form goes, it will NOT go on the website, but is helpful for me.
  • Your Contact Email: This also will NOT go on the website, but will allow me to contact you if I have any questions.
  • Private notes for the calendar owner: This is also not shown on the website. This is the place for you to tell me anything I may need to know. If the event you are posting is a reocurring event, let me know here and I can add additional dates/times and reoccurances.
  • Event Title: What is this event called? If the name of the city/community is not included in the name of the event, add a dash after the Event Title and the city/community name.
  • Keywords/tags: Some keywords to add if applicable: free, family-friendly, the name of the city/community, children, fundraiser, music/art/storytime, etc.
  • Event Image: Add either a photo of a past event or your flier (a photo of a past event is preferred).
  • Date and Time: Be sure to change the date and time. If there is no exact ending time, keep the ending time the same as the start time.
  • Description: Include any pertitent information to the event you are posting. If there is a cost, please include that, and if it’s free do note that. At the end of the description, include a website where more information can be gotten and contact information in the event people have questions.
  • Venue Name/Room/Building: Put the name of where the event will be held. If it will be in a particular location at this place, note that as well. If you need to include more detailed directions, you can do that in the Directions box.
  • Street Address: Be sure to include the exact address (or an address right next to it) as it will come up on the map that will be on the page with the event.

Once you have filled out the form completely, click on the Green Button on the top right that says Submit Event.

When you click submit event, you will have the opportunity to review the event and go Back to Editor if needed. If it looks good, click on the green button that says Submit Event again.

When your event has been submitted, you will see the message above. What happens next is that we will get an email to approve your event. This is something we can do anywhere from a smartphone, so we will review your event as soon as we are able. We review your submission and if there are not issues or questions, it will be approved and appear on the website right away.

Events that will not be approved for Kiddos A Go-Go’s Event Calendar: Events that happen outside of SLO County (though events in Santa Maria are permissible) or events that children are not allowed to attend. However, those events may be advertised on the website, CLICK HERE for information on advertising on

This is the fastest and easiest way for everyone to submit events to our event calendar.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at or 805-464-7177.