LuLaRoe with Jaime Pierce


Jaime Pierce is a wife and mom to two daughters — 9 and 12. She has lived in Arroyo Grande most of her life; graduating from Cal Poly in 2001, two weeks after she married her husband.

“Being a stay-at-home mom has always been my priority but I’ve worked on and off in both in my family’s manufacturing business for most of my adult life and then six years ago started my own frugal living blog,,” Pierce said. “For many years, I loved it. It was more of a hobby but it allowed me to share helpful tips and some special parts of my life with my wonderful readers. Over the last six months, I found myself losing my passion for it. I wanted something that inspired me and others and allowed me to give back more than I could on my own.”

It was when she needed change most in her life, that the opportunity to begin a LuLaRoe business came into her life.

​”I’ve loved this clothing for a long time, but never thought I had the personality to sell the clothes,” Pierce said. “As I learned more and more about LuLaRoe’s desire to bless and help others, I knew how perfect of a fit this would be for me. One day, God put on my heart the idea to give back one item for every 10 item that I sold. That seemed scary and impossible, but I followed through on this idea and to this day, it’s been the biggest blessing yet in my business. My customers have loved knowing that each of their purchases helps a woman get new clothes they she otherwise couldn’t afford. It’s been a blessing for everyone and why I love doing this so much.

She got into the LuLaRoe business to continously be able to bless women in need with donations of LuLaRoe clothing and to help women see themselves the way that others do.

“We are all beautiful and something magical happens when women put on this clothing,” Pierce said. “It encourages their confidence and they see themselves in a way that many haven’t seen in a long time. I love seeing this at every pop-up party that I do,”

LuLaRoe’s mission statement is: “Where through fashion we create freedom, serve others and strengthen families. A place where lives are being blessed and dreams achieved through love, confidence, purpose, trust and growth.”

Pierce said she wants to live this statement every day in her business. she hopes to continue blessing each person she comes into contact with in this business by making sure they grow in her confidence and see the beauty that everyone else sees when they look at them.

“I want to continue blessing women in our community that are in need and appreciate each of my customers for helping us bless others together,” Pierce said.

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