My Day at the California Mid-State Fair

Going to the fair (particularly to the carnival) is my daughter’s favorite thing to do. Some years we go several times during the 12-day event, this year we only had the opportunity to go the first day. I usually intentionally don’t go the first day, but found that it wasn’t so bad.

Our itinerary:

  • 12:15pm: Arrive at the fair to no line to enter
  • Walk around the fair visiting the commericial buildings
  • Get a rosé slushie from the 15C booth in Mission Square (right between the two commercial buildings–Adelaide Hall and Estreall Hall)
  • Walk around the animal buildings (the animals have not yet arrived–they come on Saturday & Sunday) and check out all the food offerings.
  • 1pm: Get to the carnival, though it is hot, there are large umbrellas over benches peppered through out the carnival offering shade AND, this year, there are powerful fans pushing water through misters onto those walking by, which was a great way to cool down. Read more about the carnival HERE.
  • 3pm: Take a break and walk through the buildings again to get out of the heat and sun and fill up water bottles in the first commericial building
  • 4pm: Return to the carnival and stay until 6pm
  • 6pm: Leave the fair–right as the night crowd was arriving. People were even arriving to the fairgrounds drunk and people were still smoking even though it is not allowed. We were happy to get the kiddos home.

Read more about the fair and what to expect HERE.