The carnival at the California Mid-State Fair

The carnival at the fair is my daughter’s favorite. She anxiously waits 365 days to go again. We planned our vacation this year so we could go the first day and not miss the fair completely.

Before we even got to the fair, the girls (my daughter who is 8 and her two close friends–6 and 8 years old) made a list of the rides they wanted to go on. Number one on the list was Crazy Mouse, so they were all very sad to find that Crazy Mouse was not one of the rides included with the new carnival company this year.

We met up with another friend (10 years old) and learned that many of the bigger rides are gone and replaced with rides that aren’t as big. There were at least four fun houses (one of them full of zombies) that were a favorite of all four girls.

We didn’t go on as many mild rides because all but one of the girls were tall enough for most of the rides.

Some rides that are still included are the swings, the zipper, the ferris wheel and the slides–though there are more!

A new ride is the log ride (see photo below), which is a water ride–and you will get wet, but that’s not a bad thing when the temp is in the 100s.

It could have just been going on the first day of the fair, rather than at the end, but I thought the carnival area seemed a lot cleaner and the rides in better shape.

If you didn’t buy your carnival tickets in advance, you can buy them at any of the ticket booths around the carnival area for $35 each.

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